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Kelly Brooks and Dan Ziner's Honeymoon Registry

Scrub Island Resort, Spa and Marina, BVI


Honeymoon Drinks at One Shoe Beach Bar

Honeymoon Drinks at One Shoe Beach Bar

In the spirit of the famous, eclectic beach bars of the BVI, One Shoe Beach Bar is a true departure from the elegant dining experience on the island. As the name implies, this is Scrub Island’s most laid back bar. Here amid a rustic natural setting and pristine sand, we’ll be swept up in a relaxed Caribbean vibe that will melt the wedding worries away!

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Scrub Island Resort Credit

Scrub Island Resort Credit

With your considerate gift, we will experience the trip of a lifetime to the stunning Scrub Island Resort, Spa and Marina located in the British Virgin Islands! This newly built luxurious private island resort boasts 52 elegant Ocean View Guestrooms & Suites and only the finest in relaxation and modern amenities. With three restaurants, four bars, three private beaches, a multi-tiered pool, an award winning Spa and Dive Shop all located on island, Scrub Island will provide us with the perfect blend of modern luxuries and the relaxation of an unspoiled private island sanctuary.

Scrub Island Resort Credit
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"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“Congratulations to you both! We are both so excited to celebrate your special day with you.”
- Ross and Emilie
“Don't drink too many! And don't drink the water! Happy honeymoon&128029;”
- Xoxoxo, Pegs and Jeffro
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